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Schedule of Events


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8:30     Registration (Center for Fine Arts Lobby)


9:00    Welcome (GORE)

9:15     Festival Choir - Group Warm-up and Rehearsal (PUGLISI)

            Junior Choir - Group Warm-Up and Rehearsal (LOUDIS)

10:30   Break


10:45     Virtual Masterclass (PUGLISI) or Visit Exhibits


11:30     Performance by Guest Artist: Achilles Liarmakopoulos (GORE)


12:30     Lunch (on your own or with a UD chaperone) / Visit Exhibits


2:00      Mini-Concert (GORE)


2:30      Masterclass with Guest Artist: Achilles Liarmakopoulos (GORE)             

3:30      Break


3:40      Festival Choir - Rehearsal (PUGLISI)

              Junior Choir - Rehearsal (GORE)


4:20      Break


4:30      Walk-Through of Final Concert Logistics (PUGLISI)


5:00     Final Concert (PUGLISI)


6:00     Concert Ends

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