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Middle School Trombone Day


The Middle School track also includes a trombone choir with music arranged especially for this event.  Students registered in advance will be emailed PDFs of their parts, so that they can arrive prepared. The ensemble also will have UD trombone students studying music education sitting side-by-side to the middle school students, giving them confidence and some playing tips along the way.

UD Trombone Students serve as guides and supervisors for the middle school students helping them find their way to the next activity and leading groups to lunch as needed.


The day culminates with a final concert in which all of the trombonists combine to form a GIANT trombone choir with players of all ages.


This is truly an experience your child will find both educational and fun!
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Throughout the day, activities geared specifically for middle school trombonists will be offered alongside of those for more experienced players. Master classes will be presented by seasoned teachers from the region, UD trombone students, and freelance performing artists.

Middle School Trombone Day is Sponsored by:

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