This calendar only lists trombone-specific events.  For more UD concerts, such as wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz ensemble, please visit the Music Department's Calendar of All Public Events.

Fall 2017

September 27

Dr. Bruce Tychinski and Lucachinski Trio Recital (Gore, 8pm)

October 29

Rachel Schwab Senior Recital (Gore, 3pm) 

October 31

Trombone Studio Halloween Recital (Gore, 8pm)

November 9

Department of Music Open House for Instrumentalists

November 14

Trombone Choir Concert

November 15

Orchestra Concerto Competition Round 1

December 8

Trombone Choir performs for Music Department holiday party (3pm, Amy Du Pont)

Spring 2018

February 24

TROMBONE DAY with guest artists Ronald Barron and Ralph Sauer

(Roselle Center for the Arts, 8:30am-6:30pm - Registration Required)


March 5

Guest Artist Chris Van Hof


April 9

Guest Artists Eric High and Elaine Moss Recital (Gore, 8pm)

April 14

Emily Smith Graduate Recital (Gore, 5:30pm)

Alek Mansouri Junior Recital (Gore, 8pm)

April 15

Shaine Lepley Graduate Recital (Gore, 5:30pm)


April 23

Trombone Choir Concert (Gore, 8pm)


May 5

Sarah Thompson Graduate Recital (Gore, 5:30)


May 15

UD Slides presents Slides on the Green (Amy Green, time TDB)









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